Feb 2nd


  • Visibility:15 Miles
  • Wind: 10-30 NW
  • Sky: Cloudy
  • Water: Choppy, under a metre


  • Kyle stopped by to give some Pearson College students a quick tour


  • The first pups mom left last night, the pup seems to be doing well, no other elephant seals have really bothered her


  • DND was blasting today, shook the house pretty good

First of November


  • Visibility: 15 Miles
  • Wind:  15-25 NW
  • Sky: cloudy this morning, cleared up a bit in the afternoon
  • Water: some waves, no more than a metre


  • had some ecotours cruise by today


  • some sea lions, 2 elephant seals and plenty of humpbacks around


  • DnD was blasting today

Census Day


  • Visibility: 15 Miles throughout the day
  • Wind:  0-10 NW throughout the day
  • Sky: clear all day
  • Water: calm


  • Mostly just whale watchers and other boats cruising by on this beautiful sunny day


  • plenty of sea lions around but not as many as I thought there would be


  • DnD was blasting again today
  • I finally have a full fresh water tank so hopefully it rains soon so I can start pressure washing and cleaning the pathways and buildings off
  • Significantly less sea lions I expected I suspect many of them went for swim while I was doing the census because it was a rather hot day today but here are the numbers are I have right now


  • Stellar Sea Lions – 68
  • California Sea Lions – 97
  • Harbour Seals – 72
  • Gulls – 153
  • Cormorants – 73
  • Black Turnstones – 21
  • Sparrows – 24ish, hard to see and fast to fly off

Sea Lion Rescue


  • Visibility: 15 Miles throughout the day
  • Wind:  0-5 SW throughout the day
  • Sky: clear this morning, clouds rolled in around 3
  • Water: calm


  • Fisheries along with a vet and people from the aquarium came by to help a sea lion who had a piece of rope or something like it wrapped around its neck


  • plenty of sea lions around


  • DnD was blasting again today
  • It was nice to have those people come around to help the sea lion out, they first sedated it via dart gun and once it was safe to approach they removed the garbage that was wrapped around the sea lions neck and monitored it until woke up and swam away

Sept 3, 4, 5 and 6th

I am back on Race Rocks and am very happy to be here, I had some log in trouble so this post will be for the past few days.


On the third it was nice and sunny with little breeze, it was so nice I could run the desalinator without the generator. Started getting cloudy the next couple days and this morning the fog horn went off for a few minutes.


I will be doing the census tomorrow but so far the number of sea lions seem to be growing, I have not seen any elephant seals, the harbour seal are right in there with the sea lions and I saw a river otter or two running around last night.


Plenty of whale watchers coming around everyday, a couple sailboats and other than that the DnD seem to be blasting consistently which the sea lions aren’t too happy about.

That sums up my first few days back, I will be doing the census tomorrow and here are a few pictures from the last couple days.

Wetter, cooler weather arrives.

There were definite autumn overtones to the weather today in spite of the westerly winds, which shifted over to the southwest a few times. First thing this morning a heavy fog came in and soaked everything. At dark there were ominous looking rainclouds to the west but the forecast actually looks like it is improving. After a week of sliding downhill, the barometric pressure actually rose today and that is a really good indicator of an improving trend.

There were only six whale watching boats noted in the reserve today and I couldn’t see any whales (for a change). The few recreational boaters left on the water stayed out of the reserve. The Oriole sailed past through Race Passage today, flying with the wind and tide.

A series of large military explosions rocked the island mid-day.


Two Steller’s Sea Lions with Ring-necks were photographed today as was a Steller’s with a green flasher hanging out of its mouth. One of the ring-necked Steller’s is not yet badly wounded by the plastic strap, the other (see photos) has the strap cutting into the back of its neck but not yet the front. This animal likes to sleep about ten meters from my house and would be a good candidate for disentanglement.
ring-neck Steller's

ring-neck Steller's sep18

This plastic packing strap is digging into the back of this animals neck.

This plastic packing strap is digging into the back of this animals neck.

ring-neck Steller's sept 18 3

EuJu flasher

Today was animal census day and these are the counts.
Harbour Seal 179
Elephant Seal 8
Steller’s Sea Lion 184
California Sea Lion 287
Canada Goose 4
Brown Pelican 1
Double-crested Cormorant 22
Pelagic Cormorant 3
Cormorant sp. 2
Black Turnstone 7
Black Oystercatcher 4
Glaucous-winged Gull 76
Thayer’s Gull 75
Heerman’s Gull 21
California Gull 16
Mew Gull 21
Gull sp. 152
Common Murre 1
Common Raven 2
Savannah Sparrow 6

There were no visitors today. Maintenance chores, other than making fresh water and electricity included cleaning in the boat shed, mending both houses’ fences, and keeping the weed-eater going. The weed-eater makes really good compost mulch.

High number of whale watchers

West winds below 20 knots all day. Clear skies. Barometric pressure dropping since yesterday. Fifteen to 20 knot winds expected for tomorrow afternoon.

34 whale watching boats in the reserve… no whales, sadly.

1 recreational boat

About 5 blasts went off this morning from DND. Normally during blasting periods there are red flags but there haven’t been any today or yesterday.

Was off the island in the evening and dropped off a visitor.

month end

Calm this morning, with mixed weather all day. Started out SE, backed to Westerly. Periods of torrential rain. DND blasting: 1200, 1205. Both big, loud single bangs.

Tour boats: 9

22 Canada Geese
Keeping my eye out for Sooty Shearwaters, no sign yet

Mammal Count from tower at 1130
9 elephant seals behind boat shed and on jetty 47 harbour seals (mostly Middle Rocks)
129 Stellar sea lions (mostly along the North shore of the main island)
200 California sea lions (mostly along the South shore in front of the student house)
Seems like this bad weather compelled a lot of the sea lions to leave. Maybe they’re just out in the water waiting for the swell and surge to ease up.

I spotted the Stellar sea lion with the line around his neck again today and got a few pictures.

-entered and sent water sampling data to IOS
-compiled month end report
-photographed branded sea lions
-fixed electric fence after storm damage
-tidied keepers house

End of calm weather

Overcast all day, light ESE wind in the morning, dead calm in the late afternoon. Big storm forecasted for this weekend.

Single DND blasts: 0920, 0925, 1045, 1300
Tour boats: 7

Off station from 1430 to 1530 to drop Jamieson back at the College

Elephant seals were gnawing on the boat trailer while trying to get the boat on. They definitely are not concerned about humans while they are in the water.

-Got pressure washer running with help from Jamieson
-Put barrels below downspouts to collect water for pressure washing
-Ran desalinator