Swimming Lessons Continue

The west wind was moving at dawn and fog followed shortly after. By mid-day it was blowing 15 to 20 knots. Hints of blue could be seen overhead, even as visibility was often reduced laterally, to several hundred meters, as the fog came and went throughout the day. A gale warning remains in effect for today and they are calling for clear skies, fog patches and some cloud for tomorrow. At noon the barometer seemed to have leveled out at ~ 1012 hPA., with a falling tendency however, according to Environment Canada.

Two whale watching vessels were observed working in the Ecological Reserve in spite of fog hampering visibility. There may have been more.

Chunk and Floyd continue to have mock battles without much serious damage and then conk out for hours at a time almost next to each other. Floyd is half moulted now and Chunk is still really just starting with just his chin and face showing the change.


Floyd (foreground) and Chunk, huffing and sloughing.

Floyd (foreground) and Chunk, huffing and sloughing.

More geese were observed doing swimming lessons this morning. An adult was observed foraging on Ulva sp., the green algae referred to as sea lettuce. They must be hungry.

CaGo goslings swim CaGo swimming lessons

This log is a little shorter and written earlier in the day than normal because I am hoping to launch the boat between the fog and the gale on a high enough tide, with a slack enough current, to allow me to go ashore for a few days. Christine and Guy will take over again in my absence. I plan on being back Thursday night.

Chores were routine and there were no visitors today.