Wednesday, November 21, 2001
Good evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 10.0ºC — Min. 8.1ºC — Reset 8.3ºC — Rain 6.4 mm getting close to the 100mm for the month
MARINE LIFE:Although the wind was fairly light most of the day (E 06),there was a low easterly swell until just before dark when the wind picked up to 28-31 knts.Another noisy night as the swells have now also begun to build high enough to roll the logs around on the shore. We counted 87 Northern,and 44 California Sea Lions hauled out on Middle Rock with another 30 Northern on Gr.Race.One of the Northern Sea Lions,a very large fellow hauled out in the small east bay,has an open wound approximately 30cmX40cm on his lower chest.Looks like a raw red patch with the fur completely gone. The edges of the wound are quite smooth. One of the 5 California Sea Lions that spent most of the day on the dock has a yellow tag on his right flipper with the #791.
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Good morning
WEATHER: Sky overcast — Vis. 15 mils — Light rain — Wind south 3 knots — Sea rippled
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