Student group to Race Rocks

Tuesday, February 26, 2002
Good Afternoon
Weather: Sunny and clear >> >> Vis 17 miles >> >> Wind East 5 Knots >> >> Sea Rippled
MARINELIFE: The good news is the Elephant Seal appears to have freed himself from the grip of the rope we reported yesterday. He has a scar but let’s hope he is OK. Calm winds this morning and lots of Eagle action with 1 immature and 5 mature.
HUMAN INTERACTION: Garry and the activity students ashore to shoot some archive video this afternoon. Pearson divers aboard Second Nature diving off West Rocks in ideal conditions. One eco-tour boat so far today.
Chris Blondeau takes over from me later today. I am sorry to leave!!!
[02/26/2002 2300hrs | Chris Blondeau
Change of watch
Started my tour of duty at 1630hrs
HUMAN INTERACTION: Late afternoon we were visited by one eco-tour boat and two Zodiacs. One from the department of Fisheries and the other belonging to the Victoria Police, both patrolling together.
Great sunset again tonight. “Red skies at night are a sailors delight” Later-on a bright moon came up and created some stunning visuals. The lighthouse was backlit by the moon and casting a long shadow on the ground, while the beacon rotating above sent rays of light all around. If you are a movie buff and are familiar with the CASTLEROCK ENTERTAINMENT logo; you get the picture. Took some video of the scene using both normal and night vision exposure settings. I hope the footage is good enough to be useable.
Everything around was quiet and still. Only the familiar Humm of the generator in the background. A reminder that unlike the other inhabitants of Race Rocks humans are fragile and high maintenance creatures.
More tomorrow
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Good Morning
Weather: Sunny and clear >> >> Vis 17 miles >> >> Wind NNE 2-3 Knots >> >> Sea calm
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