Streaks of White Foam, Breaking Waves.

The fog came in and out during the night and as dawn arrived, there was a west-southwest wind that blew all day varying little from west, as the day progressed and keeping up a continual 25 – 35 knots. It was quite cloudy here until early evening when the clouds lifted a little. Light levels were down a little, and so were temperatures, even more so, with the wind chill. The gale whipped the seas into a frothy mix of gray and white. The barometer didn’t do much today and the forecast remains the same, with a few more clouds Monday and gale warning continuing.

Only three whale watching boats were noted in the Ecological Reserve today although there may have been more. It was too rough for the smaller, open boats. One large sports fisher went through.

I spent most of the day indoors today so my usual, long ramblings about ecological happenings will have to wait.

There were no visitors and chores were routine