Storm Recovery

Ecological Happenings

  • Juvenile Bald Eagle seen feeding on its prey
  • Small birds (including gulls) have been quite flighty given the number of eagles around.
  • Animals have settled into their pre-storm positions.
  • Steller with infected eyes seen again today high up on the rocks near camera 5. This is the only Steller we’ve seen come so far – up island.
  • Seagull with a broken wing feeding on a dead seagull.
  • Much calmer seas and winds today.

Marine Vessels

Two tour boats and one pleasure vessel.


  • Repairing some of the storm damage, e.g. electric fence, ceiling leaks into the energy building (albeit temporary).
  • Checking the water supply to the student house.
  • Taken the opportunity of the break in the swell to fill the cistern.

No visitors today.