Steller with an infection

Ecological Happenings

  • A Steller Sea Lion spotted that couldn’t open its eyes. Looked to have a serious infection, with puss streaming down its body. It was last seen making its way into the water.
  • No Sea Lions on North, Turbine, Middle or West Rocks, they have all migrated to the main island.

Marine Vessels

Two tour boats and two pleasure vessels


  • Continuing to clean the buildings, though currently options are limited without having the high pressure hose working.
  • Detached rain water tank from the building and started to clean the significant build up of organic matter inside it. The intention is to get the tank clean, and design a new system to catch rain water.
  • Continued rebuilding the electric fence at the dock and the NE of the island. Strong winds last week toppled parts of the fence and snapped wires.

No visitors today.