Saturday, March 30, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 9.0 C  Min. 6.3 C  Reset 7.7 C
MARINE LIFE: only 1 mature Bald Eagle today. Still the pair of geese-will miss them when they leave.This morning they spent several hours by the garden area along the walkway watching the starlings flying nesting material into the air vent hole in the dessaliation plant building. The starlings raised 2 ‘clutches’ last year and it looks like we will again be able to enjoy the antics of the young learning to fly and then hunt for food. The Marine mammals are interesting and certainly impressive by their size but I find bird behavior fascinating.Here we are lucky to observe the full range of activity – courtship, nest building ,egg laying etc. and watching the way they will band together to drive away an eagle or other danger. Individual birds have personalities, some are very aggressive and always on the alert, then others much slower to take action.There are a few gulls already making attempts at getting a nest together but for most of them nest building is a few weeks off yet. The small elephant seal is still on the boat ramp – doesn’t look like we will be using the boat for a while!
HUMAN INTERACTION: 3 ecotour boats, 1 Pleasure craft, 1 College boat- brought some students over to spend the night(filming project)
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Cloudy  Vis. 15 Miles Wind West 17 Knots  Sea 1 Foot Chop
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