shake down of the new boat cradle

Clear skies. Moderate NE winds. 2+ ft chop

Today was the first real test of getting the Boston Whaler back on the new boat cradle with Easterly wind and waves. The trailer lowers down into the water great because we added big cement paving stones for weight and ballast. It also means that the boat doesn’t pull it up off the track when a wave rolls in. The boat stays pretty straight on the trailer, even with waves, because of the new stern posts. Although, it helps to run the stern line to a cleat on the jetty and then forward to be able to pull the stern in next to the jetty when you need to. The new ratchet winch (used to pull the boat up on the trailer) is safe for the fingers, easy to use, and has great torque. And despite filling my boots with water, the new setup works great.

Off station from 1400 to 1530
Jamieson and Jer are no longer on site

-Worked on SOPs