Search on for lost fishermen

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 7.5C Min. 4.2C Reset 4.9C Rain 13.8mm
MARINE LIFE: 2 Bald Eagles – 1 mature, 2 pair of Geese. The largest bull elephant seal and the juvenile spent the day on the grass in front of the house, the large bull did make one trip to the ramp and back but the juvenile was quite still except for the occasional stretch and yawn.
HUMAN INTERACTION: 1 Pleasure craft and several low flying planes searching for 2 fishers missing from a 5 metre boat found over turned just west of Race Rocks.
posted by Carol or Mike S at 6:07 PM
Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Overcast  Vis. 15 Miles  Light Rain  Wind South West 4 Knots  Sea Rippled  Occasional Breaks
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