seagull prey

Tuesday, November 20, 2001
Good evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 11.0ºC — Min. 8.7ºC — Reset 9.3ºC — Rain 5.4 mm
MARINE LIFE:the wind abated somewhat this morning but the 1-2 metre swells were still coming in from the east and the Sea Lions favoured the relative calm of the kelp beds on the south side just below the engine room.Through out the day there were several large groups rafting in that area until approximately 15:30 when the wind increased to 30knts.and the swells to 3-4 metres.5 Bald Eagles(3 mature) visited today but stayed only 21/2 hours.One adult gull was caught and eaten(by one of the mature eagles) just in front of the learning centre.One of the juvenile Eagles looked very thin and shaggy.
posted by Carol or Mike S at 6:16 PM
Good morning
WEATHER: Sky overcast with occasional brake — Vis. 15 mile — Wind south east 12 knots — Sea 1 foot chop
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