Sea Lion Rescue Attempt

Ecological Happenings

  • Animal Rescue! After many attempts at locating necklaced Sea Lions, no rescues were made. The animals seen previously, could not be found today. 9 DFO staff, 1 Vancouver Aquarium staff and 3 Pearson College staff (including the Eco-guardians) were all on the job and worked hard to spot the animals. Until next time…..
  • 29 Surfbrids spotted today
  • Another young Elephant Seal on the dock
  • Brand Y40 Sea Lion spotted

Marine Vessels

  • 2 DFO vessels equipped for today’s Sea Lion rescue
  • 5 tour boats – travelling at good speed out of the reserve after yesterday’s friendly reminder
  • 1 pleasure vessel


  •  There were 2 visitors – Jeff from Pearson College and a chimney sweeper.