Sea Lion Jumping


  • Visibility: 10 miles
  • Wind: 15-25 knots NE
  • Water: 2′ chop
  • Sky: overcast in the morning, raining after noon.


  • Observed several sea lions surfing and jumping arcs in the water by the South Seal Rocks in the afternoon.
  • Chunk and Chuckles were both on Great Race today.
  • The new female has moved to the bottom of the lighthouse stairs. She needs a better name.
  • The fourth mum and pup, and the grieving mother, are still together along the path.
  • Mum and pup still visible on Middle Rock.
  • Chunk went into the water at 17:00.


  • Stacked the collected driftwood by the tank hut to store for future firewood processing.
  • Cleared logs off the ramp once.


  • An ambulance helicopter flew over the islands at about 13:00.

Ambulance Helicopter