Sea lion Entanglements and Injuries observed this week

The following is from an e-mail that Ryan Murphy sent to Pat Gearin of NOAA:

“This week’s brands include:

There was also an unbranded juvenile california with a rectangular red tag on it’s front left flipper.—I’m not 100% on the “361” brand, and the “951” might be a “961”.  I’ve also attached two photos of neck rings for your files. These are the only 2 entangled animals I’ve seen so far this fall.  That’s an ‘improvement’ over last year in both abundance and percentage.  Injured c868 is looking much better than when first sighted here.  It now holds the injured flipper tight to its body when moving on land, the swelling around the open wound is noticeably reduced.

090511_caliring 090711_316 090711_377R 090911_404R 090911_c868 091511_951 091511_1032_2 091511_1032 091511_3848 091511_6262 091511_c467 091511_c491 091511_u161 091611_3848 091611_6262 091611_t354 091711_O002 091711_stelring 091711_u88