Saving Images from Live, Streaming Video:


Project Ideas for Viewers:We would like your help in contributing to our archive gallery of images from Race Rocks. Many times interesting behaviours occur on the screen which we can’t predict, but which could be part of a valuable contribution to our research database on Race Rocks, or you may be doing a school project where you could use a series of your own original images on animal behavior. From our cameras at Race Rocks, you can create a series of pictures, and embed them in a word processing document with your description of what was happening and the date and time.
This file shows some screenshots from the cameras at Race Rocks:

Here are some examples from our viewer in England PB:

PopulationPopulation Monitoring exercise.



EthologyAnimal behaviour Exercise:



How to Clip and Save Images :

The easiest way to save images is to go to the remote control  cameras and from the controls page you will see a button on the top named “CAPTURE” This allows you to freeze a frame, drag it to your desktop and then it is in your computer.

FOR MACINTOSH COMPUTERS: Clipping a picture from the browser is very easy with a Mac. For the whole page put on Caps lock, hold down shift/apple/and number 3. When you click on the screen it will save a screenshot to the hard drive. To clip a portion of the screen, simply hold down the shift, apple command and #4 keys, and position the cross hair of your cursor at the upper left hand corner of an image you wish to save. Drag the cursor diagonally across the area you want saved. Then release– you hear a shutter sound, the picture is stored on the hard drive where you receive downloads as Screencapture with date  etc. This image may be in a .png  format so you can open it in a photo editing program such as Graphic Converter and save it as a .jpg after trimming to the desired form. It is then ready for embedding in a web page. Behaviours are easily captured by a series of these clips, taken consecutively.

For Other Operating Systems:Please consult your help files for screen capture: Another alternative for capturing video is to download the software from a site that you may find by searching for Image capture or Screen Capture or video capture:

. We would appreciate it if you could credit “” from Lester B. Pearson College as the source of the picture!

To contribute your sequence to this web site e-mail files of pictures and text to us at the website send an e-mail with your attached files. Indicate whether or not you want your name included as a contributor.