Samples of screenshots from the remote cameras.

Observation of the scenes on the cameras often yield some interesting and varied scenes. Feel free to add to this collection of the screen shots from the video cameras. e-mail : Garry Fletcher (garryf(use the @ sign) 

( Essentially, with a Macintosh, Use the SHIFT/APPLE/4 keys and position the cross hair in the upper left of the picture- drag to lower right and when you release, it will add a screen shot called screenshot— etc. to your hard drive.
See further directions on this .

Telephoto of the Olympic Mountains of Washington State. This was taken on a clear day- May 18, 2001 zoomed in on the remote camera. The tail end of a tugboat-drawn barge going up the Strait of Juan de Fuca, May 18, 2001 On a calm day, the area is a very popular site for observation of marine birds and mammals by the tour boats which take on passengers in Sooke or Victoria. May 18, 2001
Captive tourists look out on the life of freedom enjoyed by the elephant seals and sea lions. May 18, 2001 May 18, 2001: Inflatable boats are used by many of the marine mammal tour boats. The tour boats abide by a voluntary code of conduct while in the reserve. We get some glorious sunsets looking out from Race Rocks.This one has the Metchosin Hills in the foreground: June 11, 2001
July 1, 2001, Canada Day fireworks over the provincial capital Victoria, B.C. Mike Slater lined up this scene on camera 3.
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July 4, 2001, American Independance Day fireworks over Port Angeles to the south of Race Rocks.
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Jean Dalphond captured this image when he was staying at RR doing a project in early June, 2001.
Gull chicks hatching
July, 2001
Pigeon guillemots – nest in burrows in the rocks – use remote camera to find
July, 2001
There was an abundance of baby seals – born in mid July – 2001. Mike and Carol set the camera up on this scene on camera 2 .

The Brandt’s cormorants on the west shore in
January, 2002

May 2002 : yes, sometimes Race Rocks can be “golden”. This is camera 1 on the elephant seals.

June, 2002 : We have had a succesful year for gull hatching: 96 counted at one time and most of them survived.
eagle predationPam Birley from England has sent us this eagle sequence, January, 2004. She has contributed her album of pictures to our daily log files. OCEANQUESTThe OCEANQUEST exercises:use screen capture to contribute to a database