Sample of Webmaster work: Updates 2008–2012

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November December, 2012 update
December 31: New Race Rocks Taxonomy and Image gallery Index
December 18 New Taxonomy pages &  images  added for Anas carolinensis Green-winged teal
December 15: New Taxonomy pages &  images  added for Anas platyrhynchos Mallard
December 15: Added Elephant seals at Race Rocks index page
December 15: New Taxonomy &images added for the Phalaropus fulicarius red phalarope,
December 15: New Taxonomy &images added for Limnodromus scolopaceus Long-billed Dowitcher
November 18: Rehabilitated Brown Pelican Report
December 8: Warden’s report for ER #97
December 5: Bird Observations (by tagged entries)
November 20: New section on Marine Mammal Injuries
November 15: Added a new section to Marine Mammal Tracking
Observations at RR.. tags of elephant seals
November 15: Added Sea Lion branding and tracking information
July-Sept, 2012 update
September 5: Updated information with photos in the Lightkeeper Eastwood File:
July 10: File added for installation of tilt-brackets for solar panels.
June, 2012 update
June 30: New taxonomy & images added for Pandalus danae, Coonstripe Shrimp
June 30: New taxonomy & images added for Pandalus stenolepsis, Shrimp
June 13 : New taxonomy& images added for Hydroprogne caspia, Caspian Tern
June 13: new taxonomy & images added for Enhydra lutris, Sea Otter
March 30: Added a Painting of the tower construction 1870 from BC Archives.
March 9, 2012 New taxonomy& images added for Cepphus grille. Black Guillemot
Since Dec/2011–I have been working on doing the website for Friends of Ecological reserves
Race Rocks is indexed as Ecological reserve #97
November 2011 update
November 15: New taxonomy& images added for new Phylum,& Phoronis vancouverensis
November 18: New Race Rocks log/blog added
November 14: New images of california sealion added
November 13:Race Rocks Log file links updated.
November 13: File on Pam Birley and her images updated.
November 13: New taxonomy page for Bubo virginianus, The Great horned owl.
November 13: Contact file for Ecoguardian Alex Fletcher added.
November 5: Images taken using the underwater camera
October 2011 update
October 18: Images of underwater camera 2 installation
October 5: Underwater camera 2 installed at Race Rocks
September 2011 update
September 27: Final removal of tidal turbine and completion of Tidal energy Project
September 27: New taxonomy page for Stomatoca atra, Hydromedusa, jellyfish.
September 17: New taxonomy page for Nakwakto (variety) goose neck barnacle.
September 16 : New taxonomy and images for Puffinus griseus, Sooty Shearwater.
September 16: New taxonomy and images for Pandion haliaetus, Osprey.
September 10: New taxonomy and images for Actitis macularius , Spotted sandpiper
September 10: New taxonomy and images for Calidris alba, Sanderling
September 6: Newspaper article Race Rocks Advisers Push for Protection, TC Aug. 2011
August 2011 update
August 29, Race Rocks Species list updated and installed..
August 15, Douglas treaty as it applies to the southern part of Vancouver islands
August 10, A Comparative Study of the Escape responses of Limpets. 1987 Jason Berg,
August 10, Image added to artifacts file of 19th century medicine chest from Race Rocks .
July 2011 update
July 11, Listing of our web pages with Educational applications of (CMOS conference)
July11, New taxonomy and images for Limacea cockerelli, nudibranch.
July 11, New taxonomy and images for Rhamphocottus richardsonii, Grunt Sculpin.
July 11, New taxonomy and images for Corella willmeriana, transparent sea squirt.
July 11, New taxonomy and images for Hydrolagus colliei, ratfish.
April 2011 update
April 10, New taxonomy and images for Buteo jamaicensis, the Red-tailed Hawk
April 10, New taxonomy and images for Mergus merganser, the Common merganser.
March 2011 update
March 26, Link to “A Guide to Ecological Scorecards for Marine Protected Areas in North America ” featuring three sample scorecards for MPAs, one being Race Rocks .
January 2011 update
January 20, New taxonomy and images for Evasterias troschellii the mottled star
January 20, Addition of new Macro pictures to Orange solitary sea squirt file.
January 20, New taxonomy and images for Pycnoclavella stanleyi, (the Yellow social Ascidian)
January 20, New taxonomy and images for Cuthona divae the nudibranch rose-pink Cuthona
January 20, New taxonomy and images for Granulina margaritula, the gastropod pear-shaped marginella
January 15, Lightkeeper file on Frederick Eastwood and Annie.1891-1919
January 15 On guard at Race Rocks Goldstream Gazette January 14, 2011
January 7, Lighthouse keeper pages and a quest for information on James Thomas Forsyth and
January 7, Lighthouse keeper file and a quest for information on Evelyn and Henry I. McKenzie
December 2010 update:
December 27 Christmas bird Count data entered
December 24. Lighthouse team dispute right to sell: Race Rocks operators say beacons not owned by Federal Goverrnment
December 19, 150 years of Operation of the Race Rocks Lighthouse
to be celebrated on December 26, 2010
December 19, New images including night images of Race Rocks added to the tower folder
December 19,“Long Distance Monitoring,the effective Citizen Science of Pam Birley” has been has been published on page 10 of the December 2010 Issue of the Friends of Ecological Reserves log.
December 19, Link to Pam Birley’s December Album
December 1, Archival image of local Klallum names for Race Rocks added.
December 1, The Cetacean Watch Newsletter , Dec 1986.
A discussion of Victoria’s Killer whale early warning system, and the installation of the first hydrophone at Race Rocks.
November 2010 update:
November 24, New taxonomy and images for Branta hutchinsii The Cackling Goose
November 23, A stunning ecological picture by Raisa is added to the River Otter file.
November 23, New taxonomy and images for Zonotricha atricapilla , Golden-Crowned sparrow
November 22, New taxonomy and images for Trglodytes hiemales, the Winter wren
November 22, New taxonomy and images for Junco hyemales, the Oregon Junco
November 6, New taxonomy and images for Strix varia, the Barred owl
October 2010 update:
October 12 New taxonomy and images for Pluvialis dominica, American Golden Plover
October 12 New taxonomy and images for Regulus satrapa, Golden Crowned Kinglet
October 12 New taxonomy page for Passerella iliaca, Fox Sparrow
October 10, Profile for Thomas Westhead, lightkeeper at Race Rocks, 1941-1948
October 3, New Taxonomy page and images for Sebastes flavidus, The yellowtail rockfish
September 2010 update:
September 28, New taxonomy page for Seabastes alutus, Pacific Ocean Perch
September 28, New taxonomy page for Dendroica coronata, Audubon’s Yellow-rumped warbler, while migrating through Race Rocks.
September 20 DIscussion on DFO Announcement to sell off its surplus lighthouses.
September 10 ,Linked to Pam Birley’s September daily log photo album.
September 10, New Taxonomy page and images for Tringa incana, the Wandering Tattler,
August 2010 update:
August 30 linked to Pam Birley’s August daily log photo album.
August 30 New Taxonomy page and images for Stylasterias forreri the fish eating sea star,
July 2010 update:
July 5, Adam Harding, the summer Ecoguardian has some recent pictures of Race Rocks up on his Flickr site
July 5, Pam Birley’s July album for remote cameras 1and 5 is started, featuring the newly hatched gull chicks.
July 5, Reflections on the Role of Education and Outreach in the MPA Designation Process, 1998-2010.
June 2010 update:
June 16, Link to Goldstream News Article on “Lighthouse for Sale”
June 18, 2010 Adam has set up camera 3 in an outdoor housing beside one of the Black Oystercatcher nests down by the docks. The nest by the East Bay hatched out two weeks ago.
June 2 New taxonomy page and pictures of Agonomalus mozinoi , the kelp Poacher
May 2010 update:
May 17 New taxonomy page and pictures of Molothrus ater, the Brown headed cowbird
May 16 New taxonomy page and pictures of Dodecaceria fewkesi, the Fringed filament worm
May 16 New taxonomy page and pictures of Serpula columbiana, the Red-trumpet tube worm
May12 New Taxonomy page with pictures of Triteleia hyancinthina, White brodiaea
May 11 New taxonomy page with pictures of Calidrisc canutus , a shorebird, the Red knot
May 5 Camera 1 remote control installed at the top of the tower giving 360 degree view
May 3 New Taxonomy page on the Laysan Albatross Phoebastria mutabilis
May 2 New taxonomy page with images on the Butter clam Saxidomus giganteus
May 2 New Taxonomy page with images of the Pale soft coral, Clavularia sp.
May 2 Link to Pam Birley’s May photo album
May 1, Updated Index for Race Rocks Public Advisory Board installed
April 2010 update:
April 27 New taxonomy page added for Purple encrusting bryozoa, Disporella separata
April 26 New taxonomy page added for Black aggregating sea cucumber, Pseudocnus curatus
April 25 New taxonomy page added for Sailfin sculpin, Nauticthys oculofasciatus
April 23 Views from Race Rocks : A special on Ryan’s photos of views from the island
April 24 New taxonomy page added on the Copper Rockfish, Sebastes caurinus
April 16 Sea water Salinity and Temperature records updated
April 16 Links to Pam Birley’s April photo albums from cameras 1 and 5
March 2010 update:
March 11 New file opened in Race Rocks Taxonomy with images of Red-backed jumping spider
March 5 Photos of the elephant seal Misery after a fight with Slash.
March 3 Profile for Phil Daykin, Lightkeeper at Race Rocks 1889-1891
March 2 Links to Pam Birley’s February and March photo albums from cameras 1 and 5
February 2010 update:
February 15 New Search engine added to cover both and
February 8 Status of the Pelagic Cormorant at Race Rocks
February 7 New elephant seal born at Race Rocks. Also see camera 1 for live view
February 6 Many new files added to the Daily Colonist 1850-1910 archives index.
January 2010 update:
January 21 New elephant seals born at Race Rocks on Middle rocks
January 31 ID file for the elephant seal: Scarlet.
December 2009 update:
December 29 Archival records of early lighthouse reports.(1872)
December 22 Archival record of the 1872 earthquake added
December 19 Pictures and story with news links of an entangled sea lion later freed by DFO.
December 8 Link to Pam Birley’s December picture diary from Cam 5
December 7 File added to archive pages for lightkeepers: Frederick Eastwood
December 7 File added to archives foir Lightkeepers, Gordon Odlum
December 6, File added to archives for lightkeepers: George Nicholas Davies
December 2, new section on the Race Rocks Advisory Board page for public information links.
November 2009 update:
November 28, Added a new slide show video of a juvenile eagle taking a seagull
November 26, added link to article of the In Flight Review March 2008 on Race Rocks
November 25, added file on the installation of extra solar panels
November 22, added file on MPA benefits
November 22, added file on< MPA boundary history
November 18 , linked to State of British Columbia’s Ecological Reserves Report.
November 9, added new underwater video by Erick Schauff .
November 8, updated sealion brands file .
October 2009 update:
October 31, Added the hooded nudibranch, Melibe leonina to the taxonomy gallery
October 30, Ryan’s new set of underwater sealion images are absolutely superb!
October 30, Ryan has posted a new set on sea lion injuries on his Flickr site
October 30, Linked in article from TC on Wind Buoy deployment
October 29, Linked in article in T C about research on study about saving sea lions.
October 29, Adam Harding Images from his summer at Race Rocks are on his Flickr Site
October 29, Linked in Connor Scheu’s Group 4 project: Tidal Energy, on the research page
October 28, Added Educational assignment by Adam to the wind test page
October 26, Linked to Pam Birley’s monthly album for October
October 23, New species, Calidris mauri–Western Sandpiper is photographed and added.
October 18-19, Deployment of Wind Assessment Technology for experiment
October 8, Race Rocks Tower Restoration Complete.. See time lapse of removing scaffold.
October 7, Updated Daily Sea Temp and Salinity for January- September ,
October 1, Index of Environmental Impacts from Human Disturbances to Life at Race Rocks, plus new files associated with it.
September 2009 update:
September 30 , New boat strike images of a branded sea lion injury
September 29 , Update of picture in Rhino Auklet Taxonomy file
September 29 ,Black-bellied plover migrating through Race Rocks
September 28, Added new image of ecological disturbance
September 28 , Linked to Pam Birley’s monthly album for September.
September 28 , Erik Schauff’s underwater images added as a link to his contact file.
September 28 , Ryan Murphy’s September shots of branded sealions at RR.
September 26, Times Colonist: Sealions at Victoria’s Race Rocks Injured by Debris,Boats.
September 11 , Added new records with images of commercial fishing plastic net binders on the necks of sea lions at RR.
September 8, The remote control Camera 1 now has the zoom working.
September 8 , Added new image of ecological disturbance
September 7 , Added new records with sea lion brands and records of origin
September 2 , Added page on Sea lion injuries being observed in the fall of 2009
September 2 , Added new records with pictures of more illegal fishing in the reserve.
August 2009 update:
August 5 , Linked to Pam Birley’s Image Gallery from the remote camera 5 for August
August 5 , Images of Common Murre updated on file.
July 2009 update:
July 22 , Installed link to Oceanographic Data (Sonde) test page.
July 17 , Installed a Public Comments Blog on the site.
July 12 , Installed the new CANON remote controlled camera on CAMERA 1
July 10 , Linked to Pam Birley’s Image Gallery from the remote camera 5 for July.
June 2009 update:
June 26 , Linked to Pam Birley’s Image Gallery from the remote camera 5 for June.
June 26, Misery the elephant seal gets his own file.
June 25 , Added link to Cara Lachmuth’s Masters thesis with data from
June 25 , Updated the guest research page
June 20 , Redesigned the Education resources index page
June 15 , Added the rock pigeon Columba livia file to Race Rocks Taxonomy
June 2, Updated management guidelines and administration files
May 2009 update:
May 28, Installed a file onfishing infractions in the reserve.
May 10, Addition of Ryan’s Sculpin pictures to taxonomy page
May 9, New species, Calidris minutillam. –Least Sandpiper added.
May 9, New taxonomy page for Buteo jamaicensis –Red-tailed hawk
April 2009 update:
April 27, Correction of file on Myxicola infundibulum— Jelly tube worm.
April 27, Addition of file on Demonax medius , Parasol feather duster.
April 17, Additions of images and a slide show to the River Otter, Lontra canadensis file
April 16, New file on Ninene during her recuperative period at Race Rocks
April 15, New file with Ninene at 2 and a half months of age on Taylor Beach Metchosin
April 7, Ninene the elephant seal pup is reported in Port Angeles. Includes a link to a newspaper article in the “Peninsula News”
April 6, New file opened in the Race Rocks Taxonomy for the Greater Yellowlegs
March, update:
March 15, File on the Restoration Process on the Race Rocks Light Tower
March 9. Link added to cam 5 page for identification of marine vessel in the Juan de Fuca Area visible form the remote camera.
March 8, Ryan sends images of the Western Gull and The Glaucous Gull . For the Glaucous this is only the third sighting for the Rocky Point region.
March 7, Participation of Pearson College students representing Race Rocks at the Puget Sound Georgia Basin Ecosystem Conference.
March 7, Linked to Pam Birley’s Image Gallery for February.
March 3, New file opened in the Race Rocks Taxonomy for the White Sturgeon, photographed when attacked by a Northern Sealion
March 2, Taxonomy page added on the American Robin, Turdus migratorius
March 1, New images and account of the problems with male aggression on the female pup on the Daily log and Ryan’s Flickr site
February 2009 update:
February 28, A page on the Rock Sandpiper with images added to the gallery.
February 28, New images of Surfbirds added to the taxonomy site.
February 15, New branded northern sealion photographed and added to the database:
February 15, File added on
February 15, Images of marine mammal viewing infraction added
February12,Video2 of aggression of male elephant seal installed.
February 11, Video of aggression of male elephant seal installed.
February 3, Second Elephant Seal Pup confirmed at Race Rocks
February 3, From activity, Basil provides Erik Schauff’s profile
February 3, From activity, Hieu links sample videos to YouTube.
January 2009 update:
January31, Identity of the elephant seals currently at Race Rocks.
January31, Video of Mother and baby vocalizations
January 30, Birth of the first elephant seal at Race Rocks
January 29, Start of a quiz on sounds from Race Rocks.
January 24, Added a contacts page for Ryan Murphy.
January 4, Linked the leafy hornmouth taxonomy file.
January 3, Started a file for Race Rocks entries in the archives from the British Colonist 1859-1910
December 2008, update:
December 15, Mike and Carol Slater retirement from Race Rocks
November 2008, update:
November 29, Elephant seal Occurrence summary
November 15, Video 5 page restored with Akamai version.
October 2008, update:
October 29, Repair plans for heritage tower announced by DFO
October 29, installed the file on the redeployment of the tidal generator
October 29, Linked to the October photo gallery Log of PB.
October 26, Linked to the September photo gallery log of PB
October 26, New underwater photos of Erik Schauff added to the Albert Head on the Coastal Underwater page.
September 2008, update:
September 25, Linked the resource ” Strategies for a Sustainable Marine Future
September 22, Census page opened for population level studies.
September 16, activity
September 10, Coastal Ecosystems Contiguous to Race Rocks: The Metchosin Coastline
August 2008, update:
August 28, a >new sequence on a sea lion climbing added to page
August 13, Added underwater images by Erik Schauff to Wolf Eel and Crimson Anemone
July 2008 update
July 6, Scorecarding link for Baha to Bering project
July 2, moved to North side of science house in order to track hatching gulls and Elephant seal on another Black oystercatcher nesting in front of the winch house. Camera 2 on a newly hatched gull nest.
July 3, Video of “Slash” the resident elephant seal in a sleep apnea cycle.
June 2008 update:
June 23, video added on hatching of Black Oystercatchers
June 14, Statutes of Canada 2008, Chapter 16 An Act to Protect Heritage Lighthouses.. (Given Royal Assent 29th May, 2008- Bill s-215)– Linked in theHeritage Tower Section.
June 13, A file has been added on an entangled elephant seal on middle island at Race Rocks
June 11 The daily log has again been activated
June 11Archived daily logs of Sept.2001 to November 2002 linked
June 5: 25MB PDF file Linked Race Rocks Pilot Marine Protected Area, An Ecological Overview, Wright and Pringle, IOS 2001
June 5: new images added to Canada Goose taxonomy
June 4: Lichen images and taxonomy: Caloplaca verruculifera
June 4: Lichen images and taxonomy: Caloplaca rosei
June 4 Lichen images and taxonomy: Lecanora straminea
June 4 Lichen images and taxonomy: Thelomma mammosum
June 4 Lichen images and taxonomy: Lecanora campestris
June 7Introduced plant species on Great Race Rocks
May 2008 update:
May 31: Modified the>Daily log page to link for May Pictures from PB.
May 28: Camera 3 set up on Black Oystercatcher nest.
May 7: News Release on Heritage Lighthouse Passage of Bill S-215
May 1: Passage of Heritage Lighthouse Protection Bill S-215.
Eagle on Anemometer, May2, 2008
Modified the to link for April pictures from PB.
April 2008 update:
Added video on the Escape Response of the Keyhole Limpet, Diodora aspera to the taxonomy file.
Added reference to Lighthouse Protection Bill: DFO Committee, minutes and evidence.
March 2008 update:
Added link from the daily log to Pam’s February Image Gallery.
Links to Tide and Current tables now added to top of weather file
Materials testing images from February added.
Added link on Home page to Panoramio and Google Map of Race Rocks.
Added information to the history page about the crew of the Topaze, a British Naval Vessel assisting in the construction of the Race Rocks lighthouse.
The March 11 n the House of Commons
Video on Bluewater Diving added
Historic record on >Baker Bricks
Archive Lighthouse Keeper Nicholas Bertucci.
Modified the Daily log page to link for March pictures from PB, and start of April Folder
February 2008 update:
Added video and links to taxonomy file
Added file on bull kelp and the materials and organisms it carries up on shore
Student File added as reference to end of Octopus file.
Video on materials testing procedures carried out by the PC Divers for the tidal turbine project.
First picture added of River Otter to the Lontra canadensis taxonomy file
Added video of the shore crab, Hemigrapsus nudus as part of an environmental systems biotic association lab
Eclipse of the moon images added to tides as an abiotic factor file.
Video of the red velvet mite, Neomolgus littoralis added to the taxonomy file
January 2008 update:
Modified the Daily log page to link to Pam Birley’s monthly pictures.
Air Temperature records link for 1984-1997 added to Air Temperature Archive File
Air temperature records of 1998-2000 added to Daily air temperature Archive page
Added examples and links to the Sea Temperature as an Abiotic Factor file
Temperature as an Abiotic Factor had more animal/plant examples added:
Salinity as an Abiotic Factor page updated and new links added
Salinity Comparisons for 2 Decadesinvestigation added.
Video of Black Rockfish
Video of Tiger Rockfish
Added slide video to Raven File:
Exercise on UV and SOLAR through seasons added
Added pictures to the Double-crested cormorant file:
Modified website contacts page:
Produced the taxonomy page on the Bryophyte (moss) Tortula muralis
Added link from the daily log to Pam’s January image gallery.
Added a page on Pearson College Director David Hawley with an Interview about Race Rocks
Updated links on intertidal file
Added material to the “solar as an abiotic factor” file
Added material and images to the” tide as an abiotic factor” file.
Added a file on Arno Dirks,

Garry Fletcher, Educational director
Ecological reserve Warden for Race Rocks