Ryan Murphy films underwater at West Race Rocks

This video was shot by the team of Pearson College divers while practicing for the live webcast for the QuickTime Live Conference in California- Oct 2000 .

On the 4th of October, a 5 member diving team brought the camera to West Race Rock to film the marine life there. Along with Red Sea Urchins (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus), Plumose Anemones (Metridium farcimen), and a Tiger Rockfish (Sebastes nigrocinctus) was a large school of Black Rockfish (Sebastes melanops). The camera crew for the dive was J.O. Dalphond, Hana Boye, and myself. Organism identification responsibility falls on me. Hinted streaming video time is 3 minutes 22 secs
My name is Ryan Murphy and I am a Year 26 Pearson Student from Newfoundland. I am doing the editing on this movie. I’m the diver with the blue snorkel signalling “OK” at the beginning. Garry, our Guru, is showing me how to do this in iMovie as this is my first movie, I hope you enjoy it.