RRAB March 22, 2000 Agenda

Race Rocks Advisory Board Meeting- AGENDA
B.C. Parks , 800 Johnson St., Victoria, B.C.
Wednesday, March 22 2000 ; 10h00 — 16h00
Purpose: Fifth meeting of the Race Rocks Advisory Board.

Cheryl Borris – Friends of Ecological Reserves
Erin Bradley — Dive Community
Howard Breen – Georgia Strait Alliance
Garry Fletcher – Lester B. Pearson College
Kelly Francis – Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Gordon Hanson – Coast Salish Sea Council
Lieutenant Commander Bill Laing – Department of National Defence (DND)
Dan Kukat — Sport Fish Advisory Board
Angus Matthews -Lester B. Pearson College
Sean Moore – Marina Operators
Jim Morris – BC Parks
Marc Pakenham – Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Tom Sampson – Coast Salish Sea Council
Keith Symington – Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)
Brian Smiley — Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Dr. Anita Voss – science
Kevin Walker?- Northwest Whale Watchers Association

Sean MacConnachie – Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Paul Preston – Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Jenny Sparkes – Parks Canada
Wendy Szanislow – Parks Canada


  1. Purpose of Meeting — Kelly Francis
  2. Recommendations for interim management of Race Rocks MPA — facilitated by Judith Cullington
  3. Governance — Marc Pakenham
  4. Developing a Race Rocks Marine Protected Area budget
  5. Updates from meetings/consultations — Marc Pakenham / Jim Morris
  6. Other business

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