Race Rocks Announced as One of Canada’s First Marine Protected Area Pilots Sept. 1, 1998

Canada became the first country in the world to adopt its own Oceans Act in 1997. In it there were constructive plans for the designation of Marine Protected Areas
NEWS RELEASE: Race Rocks Announced as One of Canada’s
First Marine Protected Area Pilots Sept. 1, 1998
“Today at 1:30 pm. in Victoria, BC at a luncheon in the Empress Hotel in conjunction with the Coastal Zone Canada ‘ 98 Conference, The Honourable David Anderson , Minister of Fisheries and Oceans for Canada announced that Race Rocks and Gabriola Passage will become the first two Marine Protected Areas for the Pacific Coast of Canada. The minister emphasized that this was an historic occasion as it represents the first steps of many in creating these special areas for the conservation of marine resources. The two areas will serve as “Pilot MPA’s ” and represent the first of several areas to be designated in the three oceans of Canada. On hand for the announcement by the minister was Garry Fletcher, faculty member in biology and environmental systems at Lester Pearson College, along with many invited guests from the aboriginal communities, environmental groups, provincial government officials, and other stake holders in the marine environment of British Columbia.” (click on picture for the complete speech.)
In the ensuing months, negotiations will take place with the ministry in order to set up the parameters of these new Marine Protected Area pilot study areas.
A Success Story for Community and Stakeholder Involvement- Sept 14 2000
 In January of 1999, as part of the requirements of the Marine Protected Areas Pilot review process, Garry Fletcher was contracted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to complete The Race Rocks Ecological Overview. An MS Access metadatabase of all the relevant Race Rocks ecological information was assembled . This database and accompanying references and audiovisual material are now available in the library at Lester B. Pearson College.Go to the Proceedings of this workshop.
Official Designation of (RACE ROCKS)
as Canada’s First Marine Protected Area
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In this index , you will find a complete set of references to the proceedings of meetings of the advisory board, the proposal sent to Ottawa and the subsequent disappointing Gazetted version which alienated First Nations, leading to the final ratification of MPA satus being put on hold.DRAFT DOCUMENTS AND PROCEEDINGS OF MEETINGS– 1999-2002