Sealion Tracking : Observations of Brands at Race Rocks

Records of Sea Lion brands: Branded 402 R You can  see the Ecoguardian’s notes and images of the branded sea lions in the log for 2011-2013 etc. here.

Previous photos and observations of tracking devices prior to 2011 can be seen in this linked file:

For Marine mammal injuries : see

Also some of the branding images for  2010-2012 are included below:

 sept2  C868 Calif Sea lion  
 Sept2  U178
 Sept2  U262  
 Sept 10  C495  California Sea Lion  
 Sept 10  5477  California Sea Lion
 Sept 11  6  Steller Sea Lion
 Sept 11  C868  California Sea Lion
 Sept 12  1046 ?  California Sea Lion  
 Sept 13 yellow tag 105_ ? front flipper  Steller Sea Lion  
 Sept 14  O002  Steller Sea Lion  
 Sept 14  909  California Sea Lion
Sept14 2012  C880  California Sea Lion