Marine Mammal Injuries

Race Rocks Marine mammal injuries
We often encounter marine mammals in the reserve which have been injured  We record these here to publicize the issue.You can help by e-mailing the Department of Fisheries and asking for regulations to ensure biodegradable fish net binders and biodegradable leaders on fishing flashers to be developed.

Fishing Flashers and Sealions

For a general search of injuries to animals observed and reported in the logs at  Race Rocks click here.

Boat strikes and injuries

Link to gallery of images of sea lion injuries observed on September 8, 2012 by Mike Robinson.
RMdetail_20090823 Photos of injuries and entanglement in fishing items observed on animals at Race Rocks prior to 2012
can be viewed in the files here:
flashernorthern Fishing Flashers on Sealions at Race Rocks