Pleurophycus gardneri : Brown Algae–The Race Rocks taxonomy

The author looking through holes in the midrib, notice wrinkled edges

The author looking through holes in the midrib of a Pleurophycus gardneri :  notice wrinkled edges


P. gardneri showing dark blade and lighter midrib

Pleurophycus. gardneri (upper right) showing dark blade and lighter midrib. plus two other brown algae species

Description:  This plant is dark olive brown to black in colour, blade-like with a broad flat unbranched lamina up to 90 cm. long and 40 cm. wide at the end of a stout stipe up to 40 cm. long.  The stipe is flattened above where it is attached to the blade and becomes cylindrical below near the branched root-like holdfast.  The blade has a smooth undulate margin and is usually eroded away at the outer end; it has a rounded or cuneate base.  A conspicuous median, flat midrib up to 4 cm. wide runs the full length of the blade and merges into the stipe.  Delicate wrinkles occur along both sides of the midrib, and these merge into the ruffled undulate margins.
:  On rocks in the lower intertidal zone and upper subtidal zones.Pacific Coast Distribution Alaska to Oregon.—-Robert Scagel, 1972

Phylum: Phaeophyta
Class: Phaeophyceae
Order: Laminariales
Family: Laminariaceae
Pleurophycus gardneri

(Setchell and Saunders)
Other Phaeophytes or Brown Algae at Race Rocks

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