PC divers

A bit cooler than previous days, but otherwise a lovely overcast day with sunny periods.
A bit of SE wind in the morning, glassy calm in the evening.

Tour boats: 9, mostly in the afternoon
A Winter Wren has been hanging out by the desalinator shed

Jamieson and Maciek on the island today
Erik + 6 divers, 3 surface tenders, and Laura Verhegge came out for a dive off the jetty
Maciek left for the college with the dive boat

Incident with a tour boat operating over top of the divers, despite a properly posted dive flag and hand signals to back off. Settled it over the radio.
Consider making it policy to call a securite on the radio to inform operators that there are divers in the water.

-A box of supplies was delivered by Erik for a variety repairs
-Scoped out plumbing repairs in the student house
-Started cleaning student house (murdered flies, cleaned windows and sills, vacuumed)
-Ran dealinator
-Practiced docking the boat on the jetty in the evening with the ‘Jamieson School of Boat Handling’