Part 6 Future database linkages


Some other databases have yet to be linked in to the database.


  • Rhonda Millikin and Mike Sheppard have a large database of radar records of migratory bird patterns over the South end of Vancouver Island, and results from banding studies on Rocky Point.


  • Phil Lambert of the Royal B.C. Museum indicated that we could add in the specimen database of Race Rocks specimens catalogued at the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria. Funds will first have to be made available to get this data entered into an electronic database.
  • Garry Fletcher of Pearson College will be continuing to link in other pieces of raw data and analyzed data as work proceeds on it. Through class work, we have amassed a considerable amount of data on intertidal transects done at 5 different locations around Great Race Rocks, some of this material is available now from the web site, and four photo-transect strips are available.
  • A database is being constructed for our work on the tidepools of Race Rocks. Each year we have been adding more information to the web site on these pools.
  • The students in the diving service have also been keeping records on an Abalone tagging project. The database of that will be added shortly.
  • Divers have at various times over the past twenty years produced some underwater transect records. Although these records are intermittent, some of them provide useful baseline information. Recording this information on the North side of Race Rocks is possible only in the late winter months before kelp growth covers the area. The raw data is now stored in the Race Rocks collection in the library.
  • For over a year now, at the suggestion of Mike Sheppard of the Victoria Natural History Society, Garry Fletcher has started to record seabird transect information regularly on trips from Pedder Bay to Race Rocks. This database will be linked shortly as well.