Another Year of Remote Cam Photo Records by Pam Birley

We are very fortunate to have our friend from England, Pam Birley continuing to provide a detailed watch from her home in Leicester on the happenings at Race Rocks via the two remote controlled cameras, 1 and 5  and the underwater camera 2. There are many stories revealed by her photo gallery on Flickr.  A sample of her work is presented below: Her  complete 2013 gallery is at We can follow the patterns of marine mammal use of the islands for haulout and births, and individual accounts such as her “6-spot”, a harbour seal which she has observed on the same rock by the jetty since every year since 2007.  She tracks our breeding elephant seals and she is one of the few to catch the river otter scenes on the island as well.

Pam also has made some interesting captures on the Underwater Camera 2 . There are several species of fish and invertebrates shown and  a few unidentified ones show up as well .

Her accounts of the birds of Race Rocks are also invaluable. The  roosting patterns of many species, the nesting behaviour of black oystercatchers and glaucous-winged gulls, migratory shorebird stopovers as well as predation and scavenging are detailed in her gallery.

So thanks again to Pam Birley for her commitment to having continued her watch in 2013. Her contribution to “Citizen Science ” is appreciated. The 2013 gallery is at

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Links to the complete set of Pam’s Race Rocks images  is available here: