Fog all morning. North westerlies 20-30 knots all day. Clear skies in the afternoon. Barometric pressure hovering 1019.0 hPa.

31 whale watching boats

2 recreational fishing boats (one actively fishing)

There was a 12 ft zodiac off the South Islands of the reserve today. Unfortunately the boat was not a boat license number so I could not report it to the DFO.

A big pod of orcas went right through the north channel of the reserve this evening. There were 2-3 a couple hundred metres in front of another group of 10-12. No breaching but lots of dorsal fin and you could easily make out the white markings. A Prince of Whales zodiac followed the pod for a long time staying within 20 metres of them with the motor running.

Finished cleaning the boathouse today and started on the tank shed.