Orca Sighting

Mid-morning of 16 August a pod of orcas passed eastward on the north side of the island. There were only a half dozen or so, suggesting a transient pod. Of course, there were many whale watching vessels in the area. It saddened me to see some approach closer than the recommended 100m and not turn their motors into neutral and it sickened me to see an Eagle Wing Tour boat actually chase alongside the pod in the reserve. There should be more respect for these marine mammals, especially while in the reserve.

Orcas east of Race Rocks

Nonetheless, it was an amazing sight!

The sea lions have crept their way further up from the water. The image below was captured 18 August.



18 August 2012

Also, for the past 3 nights the bioluminescence of the phytoplankton (Noctaluca) in the water was been remarkable. The outline of the sea lions glow when they take to the water. This is curious because normally for phosphorescence to occur there needs to be rain and then sun and until today there has been no rain.