one day of summer

Clear skies. Light wind. Glassy seas. 9’C

DND blast: 1055, 1 medium blast

DFO has decided to extend our contract for the recreation fishing count. It starts again on December 1st, and continues until March.

The Canada Geese returned today, hopefully they don’t stay long, and I would prefer it if they stayed off my paths. I was told that the Sea lions leave this time of year, but there’s no sign of it happening yet, with over 1000 Sea lions still in the reserve. Maybe it’s because we have had such a mild Winter, with very few storms. They are mostly out on the Cobble beach on the South side of Greater Race and South Rocks. There are only a few by the jetty. The male elephant seal is still lounging on Middle Rock in easy view of Camera 5 on the West Bluff.

Animal Census
Stellar Sea lion: 479
California Sea lion: 555
Harbour seal: 47
Elephant seal: 1
Gulls: 159
Cormorants: 99
Oster Catcher: 4
Black Turnstone: 6
Eagle: 1
Raven: 1

-Started ‘Spring cleaning’ Keeper’s house for the shift change
-Prepped Science House for tomorrow’s group of students