Nursing successfully


  • Wind 15 knots NE increasing to over 30 knots overnight
  • Just before noon, within 24hrs after birth, I saw the pup take what I believe was its first taste of milk.   There seems to be three key ingredients to successful nursing: motivation, location and suction.  All three have to combine for success, there was a lot of trial and error, and what seems to be frustration, on the way.  Once the pup latched on to the right spot the suction and slurping sounds were clearly audible.  Since nursing has begun, both mother and pup seem less agitated, the pup is taking longer sleeps and the mother is getting more rest.

View from kitchen window with elephant seal family in foreground. In the background a US aircraft carrier identified as a “Unspecified US Govt Vessel” travels at a remarkable 24.5 knots according to the Marine Traffic website.


  • 1 ecotour


  • Ran the derrick and lifted out 2 logs.  With engine warm, I drained the engine oil out of the derrick’s old Lister engine and changed the oil filter.
  • Cleared debris from ramp.