North East forecast to break


  • Wind NE 20 knots becoming 10-15 before noon then increasing to 20 again in the evening.  Atmospheric pressure has continued to trend upwards since the 5th and appears to have peaked today around mid day at just over 1020 hPA.  For the first time in 2 weeks of steady NE wind with little precipitation the forecast is calling for a shift tomorrow towards SE wind followed by Westerly along with rain.
  • The large female e-seal went into the water via boat ramp before I launched.  On my way across I passed by Middle rock to check but there were no e-seals present there.  I assume she is taking advantage of her last chances to feed and build up her reserves before giving birth.


  • I went off island before noon and returned before dusk. One eco tour vessel was leaving from the direction of Race Rocks when I was returning.


  • Brought one empty diesel drum to campus. Picked up food supplies.