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Race Rocks Advisers Push For Protection
Victoria Tiimes Colonist, Aug 18,2011
Ryan and Raisa On Guard at Race Rocks
Goldstream News Gazette
Published: January 14, 2011
Lighthouse Lighthouse team disputes right to sell
 Race Rocks operators say beacons not owned by federal government TIMES COLONIST Dec 24, 2010
Also carried in the Regina Leader Post and as “Feds’ lighthouse sell-off program hits dark patch” in the Vancouver Sun , The Province , The Montreal Gazette, Global TV, The Calgary Herald ,and the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.and The Windsor Star.
Also see this file on Lighthouse disposal:
lighthouse Carmanah Feds’ lighthouse sell-off program hits dark patch
The Province: December 23, 2010
Opinion Column : Goldstream Gazette: Lighthouses Part of
Canada’s Culture
: November 11, 2010
Senators Want Just The Facts: Times Colonist November 12, 2010
Groups Struggle to Save Light houses : Victoria News, November 12/15/2010
Island Tides Senate Committee Probes Lighthouses: Patrick Brown in Island Tides Nov 25-Dec.8, 2010
Keep Lighthouse keepers , Senate urges:
Ryan Murphy is more than a lighthouse keeper, he’s also the guardian of the marine protected area on Race Rocks, B.C., experienced in search-and-rescue operations, and a curator of data about the area’s infrastructure, climate and ecosystem.
Goldstream Gazette article For sale: one 150-year-old lighthouse
Race Rocks 150-year-old lighthouse had a facelift and paint job last year.
The colonial-era stone building is on the list of surplus properties the federal government wants to sell.
By Edward Hill – Goldstream News Gazette
Published: June 11, 2010 2:00 PM
Newswpaper Version Wednesday, June 16, 2010
sea lion rescue Dec 21,09 Times Colonist Coverage of the rescue:
Rescue frees Steller sea lion tethered for days to Race Rocks, unable to feed
Dec 21,09 CBC News Coverage of the rescue Sea lion rescued off Vancouver Island Entangled in rope
Dec 26,09 article in Goldstream Gazette based on R.Murphy interview :Daring Sealion Rescue at Race Rocks
wind buoy in Times Colonist Sidney firm deploys world’s first wind buoy :
Times Colonist,October 28, 2009
injured sea lion October 29, 2009 Linked in article in T C about research on study about saving sea lions.
neck ring on sea lion October 29,2009 Linked in article of Times Colonist on Sea Lions injured by debris,boats.
tower restoration news Saving an Aging West Coast IconGoldstream Gazette, 06/09/2009
Times Colonist Article on Baby Elephant seal First elephant seal born at Race Rocks, Times Colonist, Feb 1, 2009 and Vancouver Sun Feb 1, 2009Go here for the complete information.
After Nearly 10 Years – Heritage Lighthouse Bill Passes
May 7, 2008.
Historic Tower A beacon of hope for Race Rocks
Carney tries again to win protection for prize lighthouses now withering away
IFR Race Rocks article Race Rocks The Ecology of Eden , In Flight Review March-2008
Stephen Harper visits Race Rocks Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits Race Rocks and Pearson College for an “ecoenergy announcement”. January 19, 2007
Times Colonist The Times Colonist acknowledges the high wind speed in a devastating storm that struck Vancouver Island .. Dec 15, 2006.. This link has images of the atmospheric data as well.
Bringing MPAs Online: The Use Of Webcams For Education, Monitoring, And Other Purposes
… MPA NEWS  Vol. 8, No. 5  November 2006
Web Cams Gone Wildby Sandy Bauers for the Philadelphia Inquirer.Mon April 24, 2006
Below is a quote from this story which was picked up by other newspapers listed below in the following weeks..
“Other places – like the Race Rocks islands in British Columbia, north of Washington state – are too environmentally sensitive for hordes of humans, trampling the flora and scaring the fauna. Its cameras provide minimal-impact tourism.”
Dallas Fort Worth, Channel 8
Webcams offer instant fix for wildlife voyeurs “(carried the same article as above)
San Jose
San Jose
Witness wildlife flourishing
Monday,May 15 by Sandy Bauers (carried the same article as above)
Calgary Herald Monday, May 15, 2006 (carried the same article as above)
Province article Pam Birley of Leicester England was interviewed by the Province newspaper
about her wildlife viewing on
ref: Anderson, Charlie, “Live Wildlife for your Living Room ,
The Province, Vancouver, B.C. ( Sunday, Nov.21, 2004
ENERGY magazine article Watching over Race Rocks: An article on Race Rocks by Kerry McArthur in the Winter 2004 edition of Energy magazine
The Danish language version of this article is published in the Journal “Geografisk Orientering” Included here is also an English Version:
February 25, 2005 .. Television and Newspaper Coverage of The Pearson College, ENCANA, CLEAN CURRENT Tidal Power Demonstration Project at Race Rocks...Tide Turns for Power, and for Young Minds: Pearson College, Partners Apply Current Thinking. (Times Colonist)
July 21, 2004: The Goldstream Gazette carries the announcement of the Commonwealth of Learning Award for Educational Excellence in Distance Education Materials
In June of 2002, The APPLE LEARNING INTERCHANGE OPENED THE NEW GALLERY OF FEATURED EXHIBITS . Race Rocks has been included on the ALI website as one of their exhibits.
Paul Kennedy- IDEAS Paul Kennedy, host of the CBC program “Ideas” produced a special series on The OCEANS for the CBC program “IDEAS” that was aired in February, 2002. This is the excerpt recorded on Race Rocks
(en Espanol)Usando internet para protección ecológica
EDUCATION CANADA — Education & Technology
Case Study – and Research in Real Time
Fall/Automne 2001: GarryFletcher
Race Rocks Reserve Expanded , Times Colonist 13.02.2001
Race Rocks was officially announced as provincial territory,
with an expanded ecological reserve.
In this issue of Apple eNews, see item number 5,
The Call of the Wild”
November 16, 2000 Volume 3, Issue 25 (no longer available)
Canada to Designate MPA for Hydrothermal Vents – June 2001MPA Enforcement: Practitioners Employ Mix of High-Tech and Community-Based Strategies – Nov. 2000MPA Update: Race Rocks to Become Canada’s First MPA– Oct. 2000Mapping and MPAs: Practitioners Work to Define Resources, Boundaries – May 2000
Islands in the Video Stream :
A feature article on Apple’s Hotnews page
– Oct. 2000 ( no onger available)
But see Witnessing the Wonders of the Race Rock Eco-system in “Teach”
The Project featured on the Apple Education-Canada web-site Sept. 12/2000
Interview by CBC reporter Loreen Pindera (PC year 3) with Garry Fletcher on the use of the internet and technology for conservation of a fragile ecosystem –Sept 16/2000
From the Victoria Times Colonist, March 5, 2000, an article by Gil Parker on Lester Pearson College and Race Rocks
Race Rocks, A Legacy for the Future. From the Metchosin Muse, March, 2000, the cover story by Joan Gilbert on the MPA and the opening of
Race Rocks hits the Internet Times Colonist , March 12 2000

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