new year, census

Dec 31: Clear sky, freezing temperature. Wind N 9 knots. 1 recreational and 3 ecotour vessels in the reserve.  Worked on month end report, chopped wood.

Jan 1: Clear sky, 3 ecotour vessels.  Contacted one company about a boat of theirs in the reserve that was traveling too fast and got too close to sea lions.   Worked on writing month end report, cutting fire wood.


California Sea lions: 12

Northern Sea Lions: 56

Harbour Seals: 12

Elephant Seals: 3

Cormorants: 82

Canada Geese: 13

Gulls: 43

Bald Eagle: 13

Harlequin Ducks: 3

Black Turnstone: 5

Black Oyster Catcher: 28