never know where he will be stretched out in the dark!

Feb. 12 2003: The injured Elephant Seal has moved over near the engine room, he seems to like the long grass. We haven’t heard him vocalize but the other big fellow is quite noisy. The molting juvenile Elephant Seal left sometime during the night.

  Feb. 17, 2003: The Elephant Seal still spends most of the day near the end of the dock with 2 or 3 ‘haul outs’ by the boat house usually in the early morning and mid afternoon and since he often floats just below the surface boaters should take special caution in the area.

Feb. 20, 2003: he 2 big Elephant Seals both spent the day hauled out,one on the boat ramp and the recovering one in the long grass between the Science centre and the boat house. We can get quite close without disturbing them but for some reason they react to people wearing red jackets.

Feb. 21, 2003:Still hear the Elephant Seals at night,sounds like they are going into the water to feed about 1 a.m. and returning a couple hours later. The one that hauls out by the boat house is the more vocal one.The smaller one roams the island but usually ends up behind the boat house,seems to like the grass.We are careful to take a flashlight at night, never know where he will be stretched out in the dark!