NE wind settles in


  • Wind N 5-10 knots backing to NE.  Atmospheric pressure rising slowly.  With the N-NE Wind comes colder temperatures, more driftwood, and more swell on the boat landing. Forecast is for it to persist throughout the week.


  • I went off island in the morning and returned just before sunset.
  • I could see one big eco-tour boat leaving from Race Rocks on my way back out.


  • I picked up 2 new boat rollers for the dolly at Trotac, one of the forward rollers had fallen apart and another was starting to fail.
  • Picked up 2 threaded cleanout caps for 3″ pvc for the cleanouts on the downspouts to rainwater tank, one had gone missing.
  • Installed 2 new rollers on dolly.
  • Reviewed Generator/battery logs for past year.
  • I have been running a watt meter on the composting toilet for the past week to get an idea of energy consumption. In one week it used 23 KWH of energy, roughly 3KWH per day, to heat and ventilate the toilet.  For comparison the fridge here uses about 1 KWH per day.  So it is roughly equivalent to running 3 fridges, 24 hours a day.