More jellyfish

Wednesday, February 06, 2002
Good Evening

TEMPERATURE: Max. 7.1C  Min. 4.9C Reset 5.1C  Rain 6.2 mm
MARINE LIFE: 8 Mature and 6 immature Bald Eagles today, and we are back to 5 Canada Geese which although not exactly tame do allow us to get within a few metres before hissing a warning and waddling away.The Black Oyster Catchers are still spending some time in their traditional nest and feeding areas in the early morning and again in the late afternoon, the rest of the time they spend in a group of 22-24 along the south side of Gr. Race. There were 19 Moon Jellyfish along the east side of the dock this morning and we saw quite a few more just off shore when we left in the boat.
HUMAN INTERACTION: Race Rocks boat to Pedder Bay and back – trip to town for mail and supplies- mmm fresh fruit!
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Good Morning

WEATHER: Sky Overcast  Vis 15 Miles Wind North East 10 Knots Sea 1 Foot Chop
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