Misery and 6360 back on Great Race

From bed I watched Misery haul himself up the boat ramp around 7:30 this morning.  He had spent the last week lying on Middle Rocks along with two female elephant seals. Over the course of the morning he made his way past the boat house and along the North side of the Student Centre before coming to rest on the North side of the Solar/Engine room this afternoon.

The female with the green tag No. 6360 was also hauled this morning, she stayed on the rocks next to the jetty all day.

6360, taken from the crane deck above.

Pam has a image capture on her flickr page taken from the webcam in the tower on Saturday of 6360 and the other female elephant seal on Middle Rocks

I counted over 40 cormorants on the South Rocks this afternoon and I couldn’t even see how many were on the south side of that island.  Pam has a great photo here from a few days ago of Cormorants preening on the South Rocks.

The NE wind and falling tide left a lot of garbage around the jetty today. I wonder what it feels like when animals accidentally swallow this stuff.