Marine Science Exam

Light variable North wind. Overcast to clear skies. Force 0-1
Barometer is on a slow but steady decline. The forecast is for East winds to shift to moderate West this evening as a small low pressure system moves northward.

6 tour boats

DND was blasting this morning. They sent out an email recently warning people about this scheduled munitions testing. There was about 6 blasts in total, all really loud. The Guillemots are startled by the blasts and fly away, but most of the other animals don’t seem to react.

Erik brought out Laura and Anne along with the first half of the marine science students today to do their 3 hour field exam. The weather and elephant seals cooperated nicely. The DND blasting probably didn’t help with the exam stress.

-sanded and painted drywall repair
-attached Whaler VHF speaker to console stand
-greased hardware on windows that open in the Science house
-Worked on SOPs