!!!Thunder and lightning!!!

Both Environment Canada and the Washington Marine text forecasts were spot on for the weather today. Fog and W 15 kts in the morning, W 20 kts off-and-on rain by midday, and W 30 kts and raining by evening.

There were a few sport fisherman out at 1135 during my boat count (7), but most were heading back to port.
8 marine tour boats, all before noon

9 oyster catchers
8 Canada geese
Lot’s of porpoising by sealions in the currents
One sealion by the derrick shed with an injured flipper
The elephant seal showed up and spent a few hours next to the jetty

-ran desalinator
-photographed branded sealions for our contact at NOAA
-washed outside windows of main house with telescoping pole
-drained and rough-scrubbed the rainwater tank
-used a broom and the rain to scrub the main house porches
-inventoried first aid kit