Last Large Oil tank Decommissioned

Thursday 25th

The wind was light, the currents mild, no difference between low and high tide. Maybe it explains why the seawater was so warm compared to a week before 12.4
The visibility too was amazingly good .We could see the American coast so clearly and so far around 20 miles away. We can consider that day as the first real summer day in Race rocks: no wind or so little 4knots a joke, north direction, a mirror as a sea. At 5:30 the forecast was an increase to 20 knots around noon in fact we got it at 5pm in the afternoon.

It was a big day in Race Rocks. I would say an historic one because the big diesel tank has been disconnected (8000l) for a small one (450l). And all this made possible because of the efficient power of the sun .2 plumbers spent the day on the rock. At the end they double-checked to be sure that there were no more air bubbles and put under pressure the pipes…so now the big tank is ready to be hauled ashore …but this is another story…The 2 guys were so happy with their unusual day: splashes on the open boat and a trip at lunch time to the top of the tower. But everything took an end…and alone we were again and it was our turn to climb the 91 stairs and to enjoy this beautiful scenery.

Speaking about boats around the protected area: around 8pm we were surprised to see a zodiac with divers …and they were busy taking back aboard 2 of them? Other sightseeing: a submarine vessel from Esquimalt with a white smoke in the wake.

The water sampling confirmed a pretty high water temperature 11.8 Celsius