last day

Clear skies. Strong NE winds. Cold

Despite the winter weather, it is still a busy place out here in the reserve. The female elephant seals are hauled out on Middle Rock. The male Elephant seal is next to the Science House. There were lot’s of Oyster catchers, and way more Cormorants then I was expecting. There are also still quite a few Sea lions (~470) in the reserve; mostly on the South side of Great Race and South Rocks. I finally got a decent picture of a Savannah Sparrow today; and the Sandpiper stopped long enough to get a good photo so I could finally ID it.

Tomorrow is the shift Change. Alex Fletcher will be returning to Race Rocks to do the Winter shift.

Animal Census
California Sea lion: 123
Steller Sea lion: 346
Harbour seal: 29
Elephant seal:6
River otter: 1
Gull: 357
Cormorant: 739
Black turnstone: 2
Raven: 1
Eagle: 2
Sandpiper: 1
Oyster catcher: 32

-Prepped for shift change