Laminaria groenlandica : The Race Rocks Taxonomy

laminaria groenlandica

Laminaria groenlandica blade showing deep dissections==All photos by Ryan Murphy

Phylum: Phaeophyta
Class: Phaeophyceae
Order: Laminariales
Family: Laminaracea
Laminaria groenlandica (Rosenvinge)

Description: This plant is dark brown to black in colour with a conspicuous holdfast, blade, and stipe. The stipe varies in length from 10 cm. or less to 60 cm. in length, from terete to complanate, and is 3-4 mm. diameter. The holdfast is relatively small, made up of many branched root-like structures. The blade is 60-90 cm. long, 7-12 cm. wide, sometimes deeply dissected, and it may be completely smooth, with only two rows of bullations, or densely bullate over the entire surface. The base of the blade is broadly rounded.
Habitat: On rocks in the upper subtidal zone.
Pacific Coast Distribution: Bering Sea to Oregon. Robert Scagel, 1972
Other Phaeophytes or Brown Algae at Race Rocks

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