Just the one Elephant Seal today

March 17, 2003: The larger Elephant Seal in his favoured spot but the ‘recovered’ one spent quite some time trying to plan a route to the water-he moved down to the ramp but seemed reluctant to get too close to the other which had spread himself across the tracks, so he went overland! 3/4 of the distance was fairly soft grass but the last 20 ft. was a rough and rocky descent just east of the winch house.

March 20, 2003: The Elephant Seal that seemed a permanent fixture on the ramp slipped into the water early this morning and has not returned-miss seeing and hearing.

Mar 26, 2003: Just the one Elephant Seal today in his usual spot on the boat ramp

March 27, 2003: The Elephant Seal took to the water just after 7 this morning and had not returned by dark, did not hear him at all, he may have hauled out on one of the other rocks.