June 16th to 18th 2015

June 15th to 18th


2nd stay for our team.

Wind! Wind! We came with the wind and we will leave same way.

On the 15th strong winds reached 40 knots and 45 later in the middle of the night. The house was shaking… In the morning the good side of it was a superb shining day.

On the 16th with the flooding tide the wind raised regularly from 30 to 40knots around 14h…Very noisy around but so wild and beautiful.

Speaking about animals: the 2 big one came back from fishing. Since we arrived just a young grey one was on the rock but disappeared later. All the nests are now established and covered almost all the time and the birds are getting more aggressive. One male managed to get Guy ‘hat so now he wears a helmet to do the chores around. Floyd looks fatter? No clues about the large guess family. There is now only 2 couples one with 5 goslings and the other one with only 3.

We took a lot of pictures and some from the top of the tower…

The currents have been especially strong those last days…very low and high tides and wind conjugated I guess…stunning scenery…Around 17h in the afternoon the wind reached 44 knots and the waves were around 80 cm (Gale description: moderately high waves of greater length. Edge of crests begins to break into spindrift. The foam is blown, in well-marked streaks along the wind).

Gale description: 34to 40knots

Barometric pressure: 101

Around 18h it was getting 45 knots!! And back to 41 in the end of the afternoon

No visitors!

A few commercial boats in the distance. And in the night it was something to spot a huge oil platform pulled by two big tugboats and an American navy boat steady in the canal.


Chores were routine: Salinator and generator on and solar panel cleaned. Water sampling…


June 17th


It was a quiet day compared to the day before. West wind: 25knots. Fresh breeze small waves.

Sunny. Visibility 10 miles. Forecast: wind must increased to 35 knots. And it did…34 around 17h.



Whale watchers came today around 10 of them and in the afternoon we were there for the show: sailing race on “Vanish 360” at the rock around 19h.The first one was running around 16knotswith spinnaker blooming. It took him 40mn to go from the roks to Victoria. Bravo Dragonfly and its team!




June 18th


Fog and blowing horn

Wind around 25

Gale warning in the end of the afternoon