July 4th Camera 5 cleaned

We had 2 guests in the Island for the Weekend. Guyonne and Lindsay. Guyonne was
born in Brittany and her Dad on the famous‘’ile de ouessant ‘’, 2 of her great uncles have been light keepers. So she really deserved to spend time here.

It has been a day with almost no wind in the morning and a maximum of 20 knots around 7:00 PM decreasing rapidly later.

For the first time we saw Floyd and Chunk fishing very closed to South seals Rocks. Almost everyday a bald eagle tries to land but the closest he succeeds is on North Rocks. The gulls are more than ever ready to fight.

Our friends have been big fans of the Rocks since the beginning of our shift and they spend a lot of time on camera 5 enough to convince Lindsay to clean it and he bravely did it. It was something to watch him progressing slowly surrounded by shouting birds! Big thanks to him! Next time it will be be after the nesting period.

How do you manage to do your training on the small place like this one? Easy enough with a lighthouse right there. After a week of no exercise I had to do something so I climb 3 times and promise myself to be steady!

In the evening we enjoyed in the distance the fireworks all along the US coast celebrating