Jan 8-10, census

Wind has been fairly steadily N-NE 10-15 knots for past days with overcast sky and intermittent light rain.


The “Orca Spirit”, large and loud.

Jan 9: 2 ecotour vessels including the very large Orca Spirit which passed through the reserve twice, I dont usually see this vessel this time of year here.  It is quite a loud boat when it puts its engine(s) in gear.


Jan 9,leg-banded cormorant, red KJ8

Census, Jan 9: 

California Sea lions: 9

Northern Sea Lions: 60

Harbour Seals: 75

Elephant Seals: 6

Cormorants: 76

Canada Geese: 28

Gulls: 19

Bald Eagle: 3

Harlequin Ducks: 5

Black Turnstone: 8

Black Oyster Catcher: 4


neck ringed sealion, South islands, Jan 10

Jan 10: I private vessel and 2 kayakers in reserve.  I went off island in the afternoon to get supplies.  I called the DFO marine mammal hotline to report the entangled sealion that has been more visible lately.  I also sent updated photos to the marine mammal rescue crew.

Elephant Seals: On Jan 9 I could see that the elephant seal pup was at the tide line and struggling to get up the rocks towards it’s mother.

DSC_9319Eventually it did make it up the slippery rocks and was next to the mother, it seemed to be looking to nurse but the mother made no effort to turn on her side while i was watching. They were vocalizing back and forth.


On Jan 10, on my way into Pedder Bay, I passed by the elephant seals and got some closer shots.  The pup and mother seemed to be asleep the whole time I was around. Close up it is possible to see the many teeth marks on the female’s back from the male elephant seal(s) bitting her. I couldnt tell if the pup has been physically harmed by the males, at least there was no sign of blood.


Chunk, alpha male, was nearby the mother and pup.  He has been staying out on the rock the past few days and not coming on the main island.


I was also able to get a good view of the other elephant seals that were there: two other females and the other younger male.