Introduced Ornamentals

Light North wind this morning. Strong Westerlies this afternoon. Rain with periods of sun.

1 tour boat

This morning was the first time this Spring that there have been a few California Sea lions resting on the end of the jetty.

With Spring mostly here, many of the introduced ornamental plants are flowering. This isn’t a complete plant inventory, just a selection of plants that I noticed on my photo walk. The terrestrial plants at Race Rocks are dominated by introduced and invasive species. This is something that occurs at most light stations. There is a long history of trying to make the light stations look “like home”; Which is usually done by introducing hardy ornamental plants that can survive (although only a few thrive) on remote, salt and wind blasted light stations.


The weather station computer shutdown last night, likely because of an unsuccessful automatic update restart. It is back up and running again.

-Maintenance on the boat shed door cars
-Greased rusty hinges and doors all over the island
-Repaired energy room North door handle
-Maintenance on boat cradle ratchet winch
-Grease boat winch