Integrated Energy Project Update

With the Pearson College – EnCana – Clean Current Tidal Power Demonstration Project at Race Rocks now fully underway, we are seeing a variety of activities in the preparation for the tidal generator and other components of the Integrated Energy System at Race Rocks. Look for the most recent updates at the top of this page.
A blue background relates to the tidal components, a yellow background refers to the solar components. The white background represents the Power Storage and Conditioning Component. The green background links to the Environmental sensor components of the project.


On September 17, 2011the Tidal energy generator experiment was ended and the generator was removed.

 tanknpanel tidal energy turbine fouling on turbine
In the late summer of 2009, Pearson College installed six new 165 watt solar panels to add to the existing bank of 38 panels on the energy centre. Redeployment of Tidal Energy Turbine, October, 2008 April, 2007.The tidal energy turbine is raised to change the bearings which had been deteriorating faster than expected.
mounting bolts for solar panels
solar panels
Cementing anchor bolts to the roof January 17, 2007 Installation of Solar Panels
January 25, 2007

Stephen Harper materials testing video
PM Stephen Harper visits Race Rocks for an “ecoenergy announcement” Jan 19, 2007 This video documents the Pearson College Divers carrying out installation of various materials for testing for the tidal energy project
Installation of Turbine
turbine on barge
turbine control panel
Cable Laying Aug 2006
Installation of the turbine
Sept. 27, 2006
Testing of the Turbine
in Pedder Bay
Laying of the cable to shore
Aug.20-22, 2006
Upper piling section Bottom Piling Installation
Installation of upper piling Installation of bottom piling
Drilling Problems
dredgebucket detachment drilling
Dredging the overburden Deployment of Anchors for the
Piling July 16, 2006
solar energy
sonde sensors
Underwater Sensors at RR
Equipment install
Students of Pearson College help with transferring 96 storage batteries March 10-12, 2006
Battery Installation,
March 2006
Electronic equipment arrives March, 2006
Cable across Island
SIMS towed video chart
install fouling plates
January 2006: preliminary work on piling installation Preliminary work for Cable laying and Pile Drilling..Nov 2005 Succession Studies on Different Substrates, summer, 2005
The Race Rocks Weather
Instrument is installed at Race Rocks, Oct.26, 2005
ADCP recover
Deployment and Retrieval of the ADCP from the Bottom of the Channel Dock modifications for a concrete channel to carry the underwater cable: June 2005 Divers Examine two Prospective Locations for the Turbine Installation March 30, 2005 Triton and ASL Environmental Services do surface ADCP.
Extension of Generator Building to accommodate storage batteries


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