Installation of Sensor Bar underwater at Race Rocks

In this video, the diving students of Lester Pearson College brave several cold hours in the water to bolt down the 5 meter aluminum sensor bar in 8 meters of water off the docks at Race Rocks. Faculty members Garry Fletcher and Chris Blondeau join them to help install the first three sensors.

The orange rope previously installed in the 3 inch conduit is attached to the top end of the sensor cables. These cables are pulled through the buried conduit from the installation location in the ocean, up to the top of the docks where they connect with the instrumentation to allow the data eventually to be made available on-line. The sensors are brought down by a diver and fitted to the bar as the cable gets pulled through. Next the crew straps the sensors and their electrical terminal boxes to the bar. The hydrophone points upwards, the other two sensors, for chlorophyll and turbidity point down. A special thanks is due to our video expert Jean-Olivier Dalphond for enduring almost three hours in the 8 degree Celsius water to video the process.

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