Injured Californian sealion

Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 11.1 ºC »» Min. 6.9 ºC »» Reset 6.9 ºC »» Rain 0.4 mm

MARINE LIFE: Fog most of the day, so thick at times the vis. down to less than 200 metres. Birds still numerous but not as active. There is a California Sea Lion on the boat dock that seems to have a serious injury to the hind flippers-wonder if it was an encounter with one of the transient Orca that has been in the area lately. Have seen the Orca grab seal and sea lions by the tail and fling them so an injury such as this could easily occur. Injured and sick seals and sea lions tend to haul out away from the rest of their group.The 6 geese here again today.
HUMAN INTERACTION: 7 Ecotour boats and 4 pleasurecraft. We did make a quick trip to Pedder Bay when the fog was not so thick but the return trip was in fog so dense that we needed the help of Chris in 2nd Nature with radar which unfortunately was ‘acting up’ had it not been for the fog horn we would have been lost in the fog! Maybe the large vessels don’t need the fog horns but the local boaters certainly do.
posted by Carol or Mike S at 6:47 PM